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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Riding An Electric Car In Rain

- Dec 19, 2017 -

First, the quality of the tyre, the brakes are easy. The type of electric car tyres and the tread patterns in the tyres play an important role in inclement weather. Skid-proof electric car tires have a lot of small drains on the surface, so in rainy days, meet puddles can quickly discharge the surface of the tire, so that the surface of the tire and the ground full contact, to prevent the effect of slippery, in the daily should always check the tire surface wear degree, if there is serious wear and tear should immediately change the tires. In addition, riding in the rain should be as slow as possible, when the brakes, the action should be light. In the face of a junction or turn is to slow down the speed of riding, remember suddenly brake, wear its parts.

Second, do not let the rain soaked batteries. In the rainy day riding is sure to protect the battery, as far as possible to keep it from the rain wet. Even if the electric vehicle is wet by rain do not charge immediately, should wait for its natural air-dry or artificial blow dry in charge of it. Rainy days to prevent electric vehicles, it is best to use the electric car special raincoat to cover up to protect the electric car from rain wet, so that its controller failure. If you ride in the rain, the controller in the water is not a lot of words, you can put it in the ventilation or sun drying after the use. If the controller in too much water, should be stopped in time and sent to the relevant repair site for maintenance.

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