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What Problems Should Be Noticed In Electric Cars

- Dec 19, 2017 -

The core of the electric car is the battery, now the life of the electric car is more and more long, the quality of the battery directly affects the motor, charger, controller and other organs. The purchase of electric vehicles to see whether the battery manufacturers have the strength, the product is perfect, but also pay attention to battery life, if even battery life can not be guaranteed, it is best not to buy.

The purchase of Feng electric vehicles can not be separated from the charger, the quality of the charger affects the life of the battery, so in the choice of chargers, must pay attention to the choice of the regular manufacturer of the charger, and do the charger manufacturers and battery manufacturers consistent, so even if the failure, can find the corresponding manufacturers repair or

In addition to pay attention to motor, controller, etc., motor is the completion of the electric vehicle start-up and acceleration functions such as the key, and the high and low efficiency of the motor will directly lead to the length of battery life. and the controller as an electric vehicle stepless speed, brake power, soft start and other functions of the "organ", if the design is unreasonable, limited through large, will also seriously affect the life of the battery and motor.

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