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Kewet Buddy Aims To Be One Of The Least Expensive Electric Cars On The Commercial Market

- May 02, 2018 -

Kewet Buddy aims to be one of the least expensive electric cars on the commercial market – with a satisfying performance for city use.

The design is based on easily available materials and practical solutions, with little emphasis on additional equipment and fancy extras. Less parts – less can break down. 
The technological platform is well tested, which allows us to make slight modifications for improvements, and still be able to confirm that this is a very reliable electric vehicle made at a reasonable cost.

In 2005 the newly developed 6th generation of Kewet – the Buddy – received a homologation according to EC directives. Technology, as well as design, is developed in accordance with the many years of user-experience, both from private use and fleets, and from extreme coldness (Norway) to extremely hot weather (Thailand).

We have broadened the market niche by making the Buddy a 3-seater approved for 3 adults. The passengers’ safety is well taken care of by the frame and safety cabin made of steel tubes, the doors with crossbars and the deformation zones in the front and rear.

The Buddy allows flexibility for varying battery technologies both where electronics and space are concerned. And of course, the batteries are completely safe and maintenance-free. Regenerative braking and low weight contribute to an energy efficient vehicle.

The car is small, which makes you happy when you are looking for parking spaces in the city. Still you will be surprised what this Buddy size S can carry for you. The luggage compartment is designed around two cases of beer – or 6-8 bags of groceries. It is a “multiuse" vehicle with possibilities for coupling devices and racks for skis or bicycles!

The Kewet Buddy assortment is already widened with the BuddyCab, a lively-looking convertible built on the same platform as the Buddy itself.

We have made prototypes of the BuddyVan, a delivery truck for city use. In two years the driving range of the vehicle will be extended to 80-100 km, broadening the market for this kind of vehicle.

ElBil Norge AS (Ltd.) is a company based in Oslo, Norway, and has more than thirteen years experience of manufacturing, marketing and maintaining electric vehicles. Several leading Norwegian companies with considerable industrial and technological experience have invested in ElBil Norge AS, including the country’s largest electricity supplier.

The Kewet was originally developed in Denmark, but in 1999 ElBil Norge acquired ownership of the technological and production rights after sales of more than 1.000 vehicles had been achieved. ElBil Norge and our investor’s strategy is to move slowly forward, making the production profitable on a relatively small scale. Our target is to expand the business in Norway, distribute the car in Europe and build up licensed productions.

In the future BUDDY will be delivered with optional battery packets, including safe Li-Ion technology. If you would like to receive news about the Buddy, please send us an e-mail. The new BUDDY was launched at EVS21 in Monaco and the production started in October 2005. At the moment Kewet Buddy is only for sale in Norway.

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