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How To Use Battery Correctly

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Electric vehicle batteries during the use of regular activation charge, charging to balance, this to prevent the battery irreversible sulfate is very beneficial to the battery life is very good, it is worth advocating. To prevent excessive discharge, electric tricycle battery discharge to the termination voltage, continue to discharge known as over discharge. Over discharge will seriously damage the battery, the electrical performance of the battery and cycle life is extremely unfavorable.

The electric tricycle battery should take the cooling measure after heating, when the battery temperature returns to normal, can carry on charging. Storage battery installation location should be as far as possible to ensure good heat dissipation, found overheating should stop charging, should be the charger and battery inspection. When the battery discharge depth is shallow or the ambient temperature is high, the charging time should be shortened.

The use of batteries should be avoided because the connection is not a strong loosening of the situation, this will lead to conductive bad, so that the circuit contact site fever, line loss increases. If in the course of driving or charging in the process of contact is not tight, may produce a circuit breaker, open circuit will produce a strong spark, may point to explode the battery inside the explosive gas.

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