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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Electric Vehicles

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Winter because the weather is very cold, January when the weather is generally under Santior, evening temperature is even lower. A whole day of temperature change is very large, at this time, people will also be in order to keep warm and more clothes or hide in bed at night not far away, electric cars in the temperature gap is very large when also pay attention to its corresponding maintenance, adjustment, to ensure that it can work properly, travel. When going out is a bumpy road or on the downhill must slow the initial speed, on the one hand, to save electric car electricity, on the other hand, is to ensure the safety of travelers.

This is to prevent the battery discharge too much, reduce the impact on the battery damage, at the same time speed, but also increase the battery's endurance and service life. In the winter to drive the electric car, remember to avoid the power added to the maximum, so as to avoid the temperature is too low under the condition, resulting in the lack of electricity and so on. It is also beneficial to prolong battery life.

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