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Four Kinds Of Common Faults Of Electric Tricycle

- Dec 19, 2017 -

1, click Noise is often encountered problems, the main reasons are: ① motor bearing clearance large. ② Motor rotor sweep chamber. ③ magnetic steel loose, off. ④ Motor internal axial movement. ⑤ has brush motor commutator surface oxidation, ablation, oil, uneven, reversing plate loosening. ⑥ Carbon brush frame loosening, carbon brush frame is not positive.

2, if a power, the wheel will turn, and increase the speed quickly, this failure to become a "rook", many are turning the ground contact with the benign cycle, but also may be the controller fault.

3, the dashboard does not show the common fault of electric vehicles, mainly due to the instrument positive and negative lead between the voltage, wire or connector short circuit, or the instrument appears to be damaged.

4, Horn is more out of control is the Horn of damage, or switch damage caused, or wiring or connector short circuit, in the overhaul of these aspects of the main inspection.

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