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Electric Tricycle Driving Attention Specification

- Dec 19, 2017 -

At present, electric tricycles do not have to buckle points, also do not have to hand, buy back on the road, once an accident or hit-and-run, traffic police difficult to find vehicles. Even if the owner is found, because the vehicle does not buy insurance, the owner's compensation ability is poor, the accident both sides economic disputes constantly, affecting social stability. Riding the electric tricycle most of them did not participate in the system of traffic safety knowledge training and examination, do not understand the road signs, marking, on the road, do not know which way to go, and then into the motorway, and then into the non-motor vehicles, and motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and other mixed line. Random U-turn, red light, reverse driving, mixed loading of human goods and so on traffic safety violations often occur.

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