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Bosch EMobility Provides EV Charging Infrastructure

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Robert Bosch GmbH which is Bosch’s Software and Systems House is trying to get a good jump-start on the EV charging station competition.

Bosch eMobility

Bosch eMobility helps find & reserve EV charging spots.

According to Bosch their eMobility solution can provide a foundation for an internet-connected, electric vehicle charging infrastructure. They are currently using proven software and hardware components that will help ease the distribution and make it easier for charging station operators to manage and profit from electric vehicle charging stations.

Their technology works on web-portals and smart phones and can be easily customized for utilities, EV fleet operators, automotive OEMs and Electric vehicle (EV) drivers of all types.

The software which is called the Bosch eMobility solution supports all components of most types of EV infrastructure such as:

* Charging of EVs

* EV Billing services

* Locating and reserving EV charging spots

* Navigating and dynamic routing for drivers to EV charging stations

* Managing the electric load/demand of charging station groups

* Collecting electric vehicle data for analysis

* Manages and maintains the EV charging infrastructure

* Support for third party charging stations and software systems

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