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Venture Vehicles

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Venture Vehicles is dedicated to changing the world of personal transportation by creating a revolutionary new class of vehicles that is ultra-clean & efficient, safe and exhilarating to drive."

Together with a complement of world-class design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing partners, Venture Vehicles is developing the first in a line of ground-breaking, ultra high mileage, expressive transportation vehicles whose time has clearly come.

The Company’s first vehicle is a revolutionary, two-passenger, three-wheeled, tilting (articulating) vehicle, powered by a highly fuel efficient hybrid propulsion system that is targeted to deliver over 100 mpg, at over 100 mph, and extremely quick 0 to 60 acceleration.

Yet, it is designed and engineered to be priced affordably.

With a tilting cabin and one tilting wheel at the front and two non-tilting wheels at the rear, the VentureOne utilizes a proprietary Dynamic Vehicle Control system or DVC™ — patented technology licensed from Carver Engineering B.V., a Netherlands based engineering firm.

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