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The challenge of electric vehicles

- Aug 17, 2018 -

What are the challenges for electric vehicles?

In this case, why has electric vehicles not fully replaced fuel vehicles?

An important point: whether there is a household charging pile is the essential difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the electric vehicle.

Naturally, it is not necessary to say that the household charging piles use electricity for residents and are economical. On the other hand, users of fuel vehicles go to the gas station every 3 weeks or so, and the electric car eliminates the trouble of the user going to the gas station, which is very convenient.

Take the example of Beiqi Electric Vehicle. Its battery life can be guaranteed at least 200 kilometers. A commuter in Shanghai does not go back and forth for more than 40 kilometers a day. The amount of charge is enough to support normal driving for a week; and electric power like Tesla. The car has a life of 400-500 kilometers, and it is normally commuting in the urban area. It can be used for two weeks even if it is charged once.

That is to say, at a reasonable charging speed, for most users who sleep for about 8 hours, as long as they remember to charge at night, they can guarantee sufficient power every time they use it.

However, all of the above conveniences are attached to a premise that requires the user to have a certain economic condition with a household charging pile. In the absence of home-filled piles, the user has to go to the charging pile in the society every few days of use, and the charging pile is used outside, not only the electricity bill at this time is the commercial electricity bill, but also twice as expensive as the household electricity. It is also necessary to charge the parking fee and the charging service fee. It takes more than one hundred yuan to complete a 7-8 hour charging. It is actually more expensive than opening a fuel car.

So this is not the car is serving the user, but the user is in the service car. Even more troublesome is the use of self-driving or long-distance driving. The hotel is rarely equipped with charging piles. The nearest charging pile is at least one kilometer away from the hotel. After arriving at the hotel, the car has to be driven one kilometer away. Walk back to the hotel. If there is no household charging pile, the experience of electric vehicles is almost catastrophic.

However, having a separate parking space and charging pile in a big city is not a very low threshold. Therefore, electric vehicles should be an industry that goes from high to low – you must first make expensive cars, and it is useless to make cheap cars.

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