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The prospect of electric vehicles

- Aug 14, 2018 -

The electric vehicle industry is very promising. At present, the performance of electric vehicles in a closed environment is superior to that of internal combustion engines. The only shortcoming is battery and battery life, which can be completely solved within a few years with the technical update. We believe that electric vehicles are truly mature and will be in the next three to five years. This is a consensus in the industry, including many well-known auto companies at home and abroad, which have already given up their R&D investment in internal combustion engines and concentrate on electric vehicles. This year our country also announced that it is studying the policy timetable for the ban on the sale of fuel vehicles, which means that we will also be fully electricized in the same way as European countries. The most important point is that with the maturity of artificial intelligence applications, intelligent transportation with electric vehicles as vehicles will appear, including the familiarity with autonomous driving. However, in the face of this imaginary, we still have to return to a basic industry explanation. Why is there a huge opportunity for electric traffic, because this industry change is revolutionary. Understanding this requires us to understand the relationship between traditional cars and transportation. Since the automotive industry has been around the world for more than 100 years, the three industries of automobile manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, and highway transportation have relied on each other. The simple relationship is easy to understand: cars can make people go further and drive to further places. More oil needs to be burned. In order to facilitate faster journeys for people who drive, it is necessary to repair longer roads that are easier for cars to drive, and to drive longer roads to stimulate people's demand for cars. In this way, the three industries promote each other. Since these three are hugely-sized industries, a slight stimulus can generate many opportunities. For example, we are accustomed to the “high-speed no-charge for holidays”, which is the direct profit of the high-speed industry to the petrochemical industry, indirectly improving the highway. Utilization, and promote sales of automobiles. Therefore, in the electric travel of electric vehicles for vehicles, the identity of the energy supplier played by the petrochemical enterprises will be replaced by the charging operation enterprises with power supply and power sales capabilities (or not substitutes, but the energy substitution at the enterprise level). In the past, the road system was stable and the economic cycle remained unchanged, but the players changed. From the above economic structure, road companies are quite passive in this cycle, but it is not. Aside from road tolls, road companies can use their leverage to speed up car and oil consumption. That is to say, the highway increases the speed limit, the fuel consumption increases, the highway reduces the speed limit, and the fuel consumption is reduced. This aspect can be discussed in detail later. As a result, electric car travel is driven by changes in three giant industries, which inevitably generate a large number of opportunities.

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