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Smith Electric Vehicles

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Smith Electric Vehicles is the world's largest manufacturer of road-going commercial electric vehicles. We have influenced the evolution of zero emission vehicles since 1920 - and there are thousands of Smith vehicles around the world in operation today.

Smith's unrivalled expertise in innovative battery and motor technology can be seen in Newton, the world's first high performance 7.5t electric truck, launched in 2006. We further raised the bar in 2007 with Edison, the world's first sub-3.5t zero emission delivery vehicle.

The comprehensive Smith Electric Vehicles range offers you commercial electric vehicles with payload capabilities from 800kg up to 7,200kg and GVW from under 2,400kg to over 12,000kg.

Our Edison range can carry a full range of body types, covering Panel Van, Minibus, Box Body (including refrigerated box), Tipper, Dropside - and as a Chassis Cab only.

Our extensive range of Ampere [ 2.3t ], Edison [ 3.5t to 4.6t ] and Newton [ 7.5t to 12t ] means we can provide urban operators all over the world with a working commercial vehicle for every application, including home shopping delivery, logistics, post & parcel delivery, utilities, facilities & estate management and waste & recycling collection.

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