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Maintenance of electric tricycle

- Dec 19, 2017 -

(1) Full vehicle commissioning, check the electrical control circuit has no trouble, electrical wiring has no damage, if it should be eliminated in situ;

(2) Adjust front and rear brakes to ensure flexible and reliable braking;

(3) Whether the steering wheel is reliable and whether there is a sliding between the handlebar and the front fork;

(4) Battery time check (one months in the summer inspection, winter every 2-3 months) battery liquid level is below the markings, if exposed plate, it is necessary to timely replenishment of distilled water. (Note do not add acid, because each battery factory has been adjusted by the ratio of electrolyte concentration, add acid will destroy the existing ph balance, resulting in plate corrosion, the impact of battery life.)

(5) The first time the use of the rear axle gearbox attention to add gear oil, the later periodic inspection of the rear axle gearbox has no oil leakage, gasket damage, the lack of lubricating oil phenomenon, timely replacement of gaskets, to replenish lubricants.

(6) Gearbox, motor sprocket, chain timing lubricating oil, such as serious wear should be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to affect the use.

(7) The whole vehicle bolts regularly fastening, check if there is loosening, peeling off the phenomenon, the appropriate rust-proof liquid, to avoid the rust caused by screws in the life of maintenance difficulties.

(8) The whole car clean, sassafras test clean.

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