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Maintenance of electric tricycle

- Dec 19, 2017 -

(1) Before cycling should check whether the battery box is locked, display panel lights show whether normal.

(2) in rainy days when the water on the road, water depth does not exceed the electric wheel center of normal driving conditions, such as the road surface water depth over the electric wheel center, will likely cause the electric wheel seepage caused by the failure.

(3) The whole vehicle should avoid in the air damp, the temperature is too high and has the corrosive gas place, lest causes the metal part the electroplating paint surface to take place the chemical corrosion.

(4) Should avoid the whole bus time sun exposure and rain, so as to avoid the controller of the components damaged, resulting in operation failure, accidents occurred.

(5) Electrical control part of the structure is complex, users should not be unauthorized disassembly and repair. If the local charge voltage is unstable, easy to make the charger fuse fuse, we recommend the use of AC voltage regulator.

(6) Electric bicycles feel heavier when they go backwards, and it is normal for them to have a slight friction in the forward wheel.

(7) Riding should not overload, should not be placed overweight goods and take people, so as not to damage the battery and motor.

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