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Maintenance and repair of electric tricycle battery

- Dec 19, 2017 -

(1) When the instrument panel red Undervoltage display lamp glows, indicating that the power into the hungry zone, should be charged in time. Charging in a timely manner can greatly prolong battery life. A full charge of the battery every day should be 8-12 hours each time. Keeping the battery in a state of high power at all times has great benefits for its longevity. If you do not charge after riding, will greatly affect the battery life. Serious conditions can result in battery scrap.

(2) When the electric tricycle is started, it should be slow to accelerate, and it is advisable to pedal assist to avoid large current discharge of the battery and to prolong the life of the battery and the motor on the larger slope road and the wind. And can avoid the burning of electrical components.

(3) When the battery is not used for a long time, should be sufficient electricity storage, and to do every three months not less than 24 hours of supplementary charge.

(4) The battery should be in the air circulation environment during charging. Stay away from the ignition and recharge the battery pack to facilitate heat dissipation.

(5) Battery in the best working environment temperature 15℃-40℃. Outside this temperature range, the battery will be affected to normal operation.

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