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EVs to Rescue Choking China from Super Smog?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Chinese Academy of Sciences Says Cars Cause More Air Pollution

Cars and other vehicles are the biggest source of the deadly particulate matter in the city’s smogs, even more than burning coal!

EVs Can help China's pollution problem

EVs Can help China’s pollution problem

Wang Yuesi, Atmospheric Physicist of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, “Car exhaust is the primary cause in Beijing, contributing about a fourth of the air pollution. Coal fumes are the secondary cause.”

Beijing is prone to forming an inversion layer covering the low-lying city causing some serious pollution (aka Super Smog) January of 2014 had 22 days of heavy pollution according to PM 2.5 monitoring stations— but it was obvious because of the sky was charcoal gray most of the month.

Air quality in major urban areas is just one of the reasons why the Chinese government has been so positive about the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Five years ago the central government’s proposed a target of reaching 500,000 EVs on the roads by 2015, but as new energy vehicle sales have yet to even reach 100,000 additional measures are being put into action.

New-energy vehicles: 100% electric, hybrid and fuel cell cars are import duty and sales tax free from September 2014 to the end of 2017, which previously added an additional 10% to the cost of the vehicle.

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