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Electric tricycle battery can not lose electricity storage

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Electric tricycle is our main tool for travel, generally in the travel, transportation will be used. However, the home electric tricycle is not used every day, sometimes more than 10 days or even longer time may not be used. This is an electric tricycle and will be idle. During this period, electric tricycle manufacturers remind you to pay attention to a point: battery can not lose electricity storage.

Battery can not lose electricity storage, the loss of electricity status is the battery after the battery is not in time to charge easily caused by sulfuric acid salt, so that the crystallization of lead sulfate attached to the battery plate, plug the channel of electric ions, will cause charge not to go in, the capacity of the battery will be reduced. The longer the idle time, the more serious the battery damage.

Therefore, in the electric tricycle and its battery idle, should be charged once a month, this can prolong the battery life.

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