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How HVIL connectors work

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The high-voltage connector with high-voltage interlock function is composed of a casing, a high-voltage conductive member, a low-voltage signal conductive member, a monitor and a monitoring circuit.

The high-voltage interlocking connector is generally implemented by pairing a pair of male and female heads with a pair of high-voltage connectors and a pair of low-voltage connectors. When the high voltage is disconnected, the low voltage circuit is cut off; in the high voltage connection state, the breakpoint of the low voltage circuit is shorted to form a complete circuit.

The low pressure circuit is also composed of two pairs of male pins and a housing. On the male and female heads, the high and low voltage conductive members are fixed to a housing and are relatively fixed in position. To achieve the information that the low voltage is higher than the high voltage first, and the information obtained after the connection is completed, it is necessary to ensure that the low voltage loop pin is later than the mating contact time of the high voltage circuit terminal, and the length of the high voltage terminal and the low voltage pin can be adjusted. A general statement is that the low-voltage pin is short (or the position is backward), the high-voltage terminal is just in contact, the low-voltage pin has a certain distance; the high-voltage terminal has been connected to the majority, the low-voltage pin is just in contact; the high-voltage terminal is plugged into the position, low-voltage The terminal is also plugged into place.

The monitor is responsible for collecting the on-off state of the low-voltage signal loop and transmitting it to the controller. In this way, the controller has mastered the state of the connector before the high voltage loop actually turns on and off.

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