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Design principle of sorghum interlocking circuit

- Aug 25, 2018 -

All high-voltage connector docking positions are equipped with a high-voltage interlock signal loop, but the loop form is not necessarily related to the high-voltage loop. That is to say, at high voltage, electrical A and electrical B constitute a complete circuit. However, the high-voltage interlock may set a separate interlock signal loop for A, and set an interlock signal loop for B separately; it is also possible to connect the interlock signals of A and B in a loop.

The power battery pack is used as the power source in the high-voltage circuit, and the low-voltage circuit also needs a power supply for detection, so that the low-voltage signal is transmitted along the closed low-voltage circuit. Once the low voltage signal is interrupted, it indicates that one of the high voltage connectors is loose or falling off. The schematic diagram of the high voltage interlock is as follows. Based on the high-voltage interlock signal loop embodied in the picture below, the monitoring point or monitoring loop is designed according to the overall strategy, and the state of the high-voltage interlocking signal loop is transmitted to the VCU or BMS.

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