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Classification of electric tricycles

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Electric tricycles are divided into household type, freight type and factory type by use. Because of the use of different, the use of technical standards are not the same. Household electric tricycle, most of the use is side-wheel motor, external frame (frame outside the wheel), the structure of the car does not have a large shaft, carrying light, general 200KG, motor General for 350-500w, batteries for 12v20ah batteries, suitable for household and elderly transport tools. There are also in the motor with a large shaft, (large axle also known as the rear axle, rear spar, is connected to the rear of the two-wheeler axle, the important part of the tricycle) the stability of the car, the middle of the motor drive after two rounds, start smooth, but this is generally more expensive.

Freight type electric tricycle, this kind of car also divides into two kinds, one kind for the motorcycle type, the configuration and the model and the three-wheeled motorcycle almost, in the electric motor with the big axis, with 500W above motor, cargo general in 300-600kg, the disposition has the inverted shun switch, and the speed regulation system. The fastest speed on the road is about 35 kilometers per hour. One is a motorized tricycle, more than a motorized tricycle modified from, rear axle, the car box completely uses the motorized tricycle configuration, the load is in more than one ton, may by the gearbox carries on the speed regulation, the configuration 4-5 block 120AH Large capacity battery, the direct current 900W above the motor, has the cab and does not have the cab, also may configure the hydraulic lifting device, Used for loading and unloading bulk materials in the factory and for removal of rubbish by city.

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