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Brief analysis on the reasons of electric tricycle energy saving and environmental protection

- Dec 19, 2017 -

In recent years, with the continuous development of the automotive industry, in addition to the road gradually become crowded, oil prices are rising every year, but the emergence of the electric car industry is fully able to solve the problem, electric vehicles use electricity, than the oil price is much lower. At the same speed, electric cars spend 30% less electricity than petrol cars. And the domestic has now begun some of the city evening price Half-price experience. In particular, the Earth's oil reserves are limited, domestic and foreign petroleum resources more and more tense, oil prices continue to rise, and electricity can be from nuclear energy, firepower, wind, solar energy and other resources to obtain, such as hydraulic, wind such resources inexhaustible, is the underground oil resources can not be compared. The appearance of electric tricycles makes the oil-saving simple.

At the same time, the pollution caused by automobile exhaust is deeply realized by each of us, according to incomplete statistics, the more densely populated cities, the air pollution and noise will be correspondingly large. Therefore, energy-saving and low pollution of electric vehicles become the country to encourage the promotion of products. As a pollution-free and low-noise electric tricycle products, become the domestic development of products.

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