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BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial Scores Big?

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel (previous hosts of the Today Show) make light hearted fun during BMW’s new i3 electric car commercial during Super Bowl XLIX. The new EV commercial features the broadcast journalists in a flash back from 1994 (21 years ago) when they were trying to make sense of the internet and standard email addresses. They would have no doubt been taking things more seriously back then if they had a clue at the time just how big the internet was going to become.

BMW i3 electric car super bowl commercial

Electric Vehicles like BMW’s i3 are changing the world in a big way

Katie Couric says in 1994: “Allison Can you explain what internet is?”

BMW attempts to make the connection that their i3 electric car is also a newfangled idea and even though some people might be confused right now—the electric car will have a huge impact on the future.

The BMW i3 is built using sustainable green power generated by wind turbines and has carbon fiber components. There is also no fossil fuel burning engine under the hood that provides torque to the wheels—that is a big deal!

This 2015 Super Bowl commercial even features some surprise ad-libbed twerking humor that also made the cut into the final version, which will likely generate some comments.

The present day ex-Today Show hosts bring the joke full circle with Katie Couric saying “Allison Can you explain what i3 is?”

BMW’s marketing department does a good job with their electric car Super Bowl commercial of bringing home the idea that there is a huge parallel between what people knew about that internet in 1994 and what they generally know now about the EVs of today, which is that electric mobility is internet-like changing big and is here now!

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