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Battery maintenance of electric tricycle

- Dec 19, 2017 -

1, the correct master charging time battery to discharge depth of 60%-70% when the best charge.

2, prohibit storage when the loss of electric power status refers to the battery after the use of not timely charging. In the loss of electricity to store batteries, it is very easy to appear sulfate, lead sulfate crystals attached to the plate, plugging the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charge, battery capacity decline. The longer the idle time, the heavier the battery damage. Therefore, when the battery is idle, should be replenished once a month, so as to better maintain battery health.

3, to avoid large current discharge electric vehicles in the beginning, manned, uphill, please use the pedal to help, as far as possible to avoid instantaneous large current discharge. High current discharge leads to the crystallization of lead sulfate, which damages the physical properties of the battery plate.

4, prevent exposure temperature too high environment will make the battery pressure increase and make the battery pressure-limiting valve automatically open, the direct consequence is to increase the loss of water in the battery, and the battery will lead to excessive loss of battery activity, accelerated plate softening, charging shell fever, shell drum, deformation and other fatal damage.

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