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Analyze the advantages of electric vehicles

- Sep 04, 2018 -

Power system: In addition to the battery, the power system of the electric car is mainly the converter, the motor and the transmission. Converters, you can think of a special kind of frequency converter (although not all electric vehicles are AC drives, but the principle is the same as the frequency converter), they are very mature technology. Needless to say, the electric motor is not easy to make, but the ordinary motor for the car is a very mature technology. The transmission is simpler. The motor is much larger than the speed range of the internal combustion engine. It is doomed that the electric vehicle does not need a complicated transmission. Many electric vehicles use a single-speed transmission or even completely remove the transmission. Overall, electric vehicles have mature power systems, simpler structures, easier maintenance, and lower costs.

Car Body: The body of an electric car is actually easier to arrange than a traditional car. The big part of an electric car is a battery and an electric motor. As long as the battery and the motor are placed, the body is almost the same, and the size of the motor is generally smaller than that of the equivalent performance internal combustion engine. At the same time, the gearbox, complicated water cooling system, oil pipe, exhaust pipe and other components are reduced, so that the body design of the electric car is more easy. Of course, under the current circumstances, the weight of the battery pack is relatively large, generally hundreds of kilograms, so the light weight of the electric vehicle body is obviously higher, but one can learn from the lightweight technology of the fuel vehicle, and on the other hand, the battery With the advancement of technology, the specific energy of the battery itself will gradually increase, and the weight of the battery pack will continue to decrease.

Intelligent and automated: This aspect can be said to be the advantage brought by the electric car tire. Electric vehicles are easier to control, and the overall structure of the control section is much simpler than that of conventional vehicles. The rich sensor system and powerful computing power make the intelligentization and automation of electric vehicles easier to implement. Therefore, the future of intelligent travel, its core must be electric vehicles. I also said in the previous article that the driverless technology is developing rapidly, even faster than we think. Although the current unmanned driving facilities and regulations have not kept up, the rapid development in this area, It has been widely recognized on a global scale and there is no doubt.

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