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Advantages of electric vehicles

- Aug 15, 2018 -

In just five years since Apple introduced its first iPhone in 2008, smartphones quickly occupied 50% - 70% of the market in China and quickly defeated the feature machine. We believe that smart electric vehicles for traditional fuel vehicles will also be like the offensive of smart phones for functional machines, but considering the complexity of the automotive industry chain, the journey will be relatively long.

So where is the advantage of electric vehicles, let us believe that it will replace fuel cars in the future? Compared with fuel vehicles, the advantages of electric vehicles are mainly concentrated in the following three points:

1. There is no exhaust.

Exhaust gas from most fuel vehicles will flow back into the car when reversing, and electric vehicles do not have this problem.

2. Quiet.

The roar of traditional fuel vehicles is a problem for pedestrians, residents and users inside the car. There is basically no noise when driving electric cars.

3. Intelligent.

Electric vehicles can iteratively update software, and by continuously upgrading important components such as batteries, camera systems and assisted driving systems, user experience and business models are greatly optimized.

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