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1834 Thomas Davenport & O. Smalley - Electromagnetic Engine

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Illustration of Davenport and Orange Smalley's electromagnetic engine as drawn by Turner in 1834 from Franklin Leonard Pope, "The Inventors of the Electric Motor-II., The Electrical Engineer 11 (14 January 1891): 35. Courtesy of Henry Paynter.

In December of 1833, Thomas Davenport purchased a large, battery-powered, electromagnet at the Penfield Iron Works at Crown Point, New York, where this newly developed invention was being used to separate iron ore. For the next several months, he and Orange Smalley worked together in Smalley's shop on experiments in electromagnetism. By the summer of 1834, they succeeded in producing rotary motion. 

After refining the machine,  Electric cars and vehicles are becoming more and more popular in today's culture. You no longer have to be a parts geek or engineer to design or build you own EV vehicle. As more companies continue to produce EV cars you will see even more acceptance of these vehicles by the general public.Davenport and Smalley demonstrated their "electromagnetic engine" to Professor Turner of Middlebury College at Middlebury, Vermont, in December of 1834. In a handwritten note of January 5, 1835, Professor Turner described "Davenport and Smalley's Specification of their Invention of an Electro-Magnetic Machine." His description of the invention was illustrated with the drawing shown above.

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